About Us

First, let us introduce ourselves...
We are a co-op combination of companies.  We are developing a new business model under what we call The Noah Project.  Noah saved all of mankind and alike by loading each on a boat to protect it from a flood.  With the onsite of global economics crashing, we are building and combining business structures  to save them from the "economic flood". 

We combine businesses for maximum pricing levels and support you can count on.  Our concept is to help small business development by offering competitive pricing against the super stores, internet stores with no overhead or support, and competitiveness from government-controlled businesses.  Small business development is what makes America and other nationalities strong, but most can’t compete because of their lack of purchasing power.  We are redeveloping these businesses to get maximum buying power under an umbrella of combined businesses.

This idea started when we watched our competitors close their doors due to low to no profit margins as well as manufacturers going direct pushing them out of business by taking their customer base.  We watched the super stores move into areas and the whole local economy collapse.  We auctioned off town after town loosing pharmacies, butcher shops, hardware stores and other local merchants.  None could compete with the superstore chains.  The superstore models came in with lower pricing only to raise the pricing once all local competition was gone leaving consumers with no options.  The small stores just could not hold out to compete and the consumers lost…so did small businesses.

When we first opened our doors of business we had 19 competitors in Virginia alone.  There are now two.  Almost all closed due to manufacturers attempting to go direct, or the advent of internet pricing.  Due to the greed of most manufacturers going direct and effecting distribution with support, the manufacturers found out they had destroyed their own market.  Local support was a higher than expected cost.  In turn, they pulled back after destroying the margins a dealer would need to operate profitably and efficiently and started internet dumping with direct sales and no local support.  Greed has cost us all.  The two competitors that are still open have gone through multiple name changes during this period as a result of these actions.  The others that closed were friends that we competed against for years.  They allowed us to help them sell or liquidate their companies with our Asset Management Company.  Most places in our state have little or no support for what they buy because of the lack of small business development.  The bottom dollar is what counts, and most companies don’t make enough profit on sales to hire a support group to back them up.  Volume purchasing means more profit. 

This is where The Noah Project comes in.  In an effort to compete with the changing market, we started manufacturing many of our own items and expanded into other markets.  We developed a plan to reinvent a local economic structure.  This new business structure incorporates a vested interest with both the manufacturer as well as the distributor so that collaboratively they can make a profit and support what is sold.  It’s that simple…give the customer what they paid for…right here in America.  Our goal:  To save America “one business at a time”.